Income Coaching

Services & Pricing

With The Coach, the long term goal is to help you transition from low income production to income independence. In a series of one hour meetings, we discuss your goals and objectives, review existing portfolios, develop an action plan, and arrange for follow up Q & A and performance evaluation meetings.

The coaching session is an opportunity to tap into Steve’s insights with an in-depth, single hour virtual meeting. Single-session coaching is useful for investors with some knowledge of markets who plan to primarily DIY their own portfolios, but who need some initial guidance on how to maximize income.

It may also be the moment you determine that you are just too busy to take on the responsibility yourself - a really important conclusion. Many have decided to have a professional get them started for a year or so before taking over the management duties on their own.

The one-on-one coaching sessions are perfect for:

  • Working professionals looking to plan well for retirement.
  • Retirees seeking expertise on how to increase their income.
  • Investors who need personalized advice on transitioning from traditional investing into CEFs.
  • financial professionals who want to provide their clients with more spending money in retirement.


Your 1-hour coaching session includes the most recent month’s set of Selection Universes (a $225 value). These will be used in the session to discuss CEF characteristics and distribution results.

If you’ve been hesitant to dive into income-focused investing on your own, work with Steve to get your CEF portfolio started off in the right direction. Your 1-hour session investment is just $365–a tremendous value when you consider the cost of the Selection Universes, and the answers you'll get to as many transition related questions as you can come up with.

Yes, reading Retirement Money Secrets at least once before the first meeting would be helpful.

Grow Your Income; Minimize Risk!

  • All of our one hour meetings are $365. They focus on goal identification, Q & A about strategies used, preliminary portfolio review, and action assessment. Zoom if you wish, as many people as you want.
  • We each will have homework assignments for the next session, based upon each separate action plan we develop. You will determine if any additional meetings are necessary. Clients often want to touch base a second or third time for a progress appraisal or performance analysis. There is no second session requirement.
  • Portfolio Review Sessions. Any portfolio, any securities inside, Steve will do a deep dive on your holdings and give you his opinion on Quality, Diversification, Income Production and Profit Taking. That's right. The big four risk minimizers and your portfolio. Find out how you are doing, all your portfolios, just $225..
  • Annual Retainer Package: All of the above, ten coaching and/or portfolio review meetings, a full year's worth of selection universes, occasional telephone calls, text messages and emails. Just $3,250. You save over $1,000.
  • Private one-on-one Q & A Sessions going anywhere you want with regards to "Retirement Money Secrets", Facebook discussion groups, strategy, process, etc. without any personal or portfolio details involved. Just $195 for an hour of information...
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The Income Coach
Referral Credit Program for Clients
and For Financial Professionals

Once you've participated in the coaching program, you are eligible for credits against future charges if you refer new coaching customers to me.

You will receive 30% of anything I receive from your referrals as a credit against future purchases. Credits can be applied to up to 50% of your additional coaching charges, portfolio review sessions, or selection universe purchases.  

Steve is open to partnering with other financial, accounting, legal, or other professionals who refer clients for joint or individual coaching sessions, or portfolio review.  Contact Steve ([email protected] or my office land line, 843-243-0494) to explore setting up a 50% partnership relationship.

Additional Meetings for Q&A, Planning, or Performance Assessment

You can arrange additional meetings with The Coach whenever you wish and to discuss whatever is on your mind.

  • Each session is for up to one hour to discuss anything about investing. Zoom or telephone for $365 per session, regardless of participant numbers.
  • Annual retainer arrangements for ten one hour sessions are available for $3250.
  • For clients who want to get their initial portfolio set up and running by a professional before taking over on their own, the Coach will introduce you to portfolio managers who use this approach and will assist you in getting started. There will be no added costs to you, and I will still be available to you for portfolio review meetings, which I strongly recommend.

If you want to chat with me before signing up for your first session, that's ok, either by email or by phone. [email protected] or 843-243-0494 (not for text messages)

When signing up for coaching, or any of the other services described here, please describe what you are signing up for in the box provided on the payment form. If you would prefer to pay in some other manner, just give me a call or an email

Nothing discussed with or by the coach should ever be taken as either accounting or legal advice of any kind.

Income coaching may involve discussions of individual securities, but no such discussions are ever intended to be investment recommendations of any kind. Coaching clients are expected to do their own research and due diligence, and to be totally responsible for the actual decisions that they make.