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In my experience with taking over existing portfolios, including Rollover 401ks, I have rarely seen one that produced much more than 3% in actual "realized" income from dividends and interest production in the account, if that. If you look inside your own program, you'll likely confirm this observation.

The base income produced by the accounts I was managing in 2022, not a great year for the markets, was in the 8% neighborhood, based on beginning account market values. Base income is received from distributions made by the securities in the portfolios. This result is based on more than 90 portfolios, with invested capital of nearly $60 million. In 2021, the income % figure was nearly twice that because of realized capital gains.

Actually, the funds that I use contain pretty much the same securities as you would find inside either ETFs or Mutual Funds, so about the same levels of financial risk as most investors deal with regularly. Certainly, less risky than individual stocks or bonds. However, the structure of the funds I use requires the distribution of 95% of all income, and that's the reason for the increased income amount. Also, the objective of the funds includes income production as opposed to just growth in market value.

Absolutely, both. I work with insurance, accounting, investment, and other professionals on a 50/50 split fee arrangement to help their clients multiply their portfolio income production. I also steer coaching clients to professionals who manage assets using my methodology, but only if they specifically request an introduction. Coaching clients will earn an immediate $100 referral credit for anyone they lead to my door who signs up for at least one meeting.

I'm open to 40-minute group meetings of at least three people organized by the group. The price per head will depend upon the number in attendance.

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