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Questions from the Facebook Group – August 2021

This is a live Q & A session with members of The Income Coach Facebook group. Some of the topics include:

· Using CEF Connect as a resource for developing a selection universe.

· Using CEFs for municipal bond investing.

· Tax implications of trading and letting the tail wag the dog.

· Using the risk pyramid in investment decisions.

· Using the selection universe in day-to-day trading

· Pruning portfolio positions to increase yield or reduce position size

Questions from the Facebook Group – April 2022

This is a live Q & A session with members of The Income Coach Facebook group. Some of the topics include:

· The reaction of income focused CEFs (pretty much all of them) to rising interest rate expectations.

· Adjusting buying and selling targets in response to changes in the market and interest rate cycles.

· Asset allocation changes to align with current market conditions. NOT!

· Dealing with market corrections.

· How much to invest in individual securities and why.

· Transitioning to Retirement Income Readiness

Grab your FREE copy of the Resource Guide referred to in Retirement Money Secrets to look inside some of the charts, graphs, and portfolio transitions to CEFs described in the book. This is historical information for illustrative and research purposes only.

If you also want the Brainwashing Book PDF, just mention both on the request form.

Steve Selengut's earlier book explained Market Cycle Investment Management, the QDI + PT risk minimizers, and The Working Capital Model in developing an Income Focused Investment approach using income CEFs and individual dividend stocks. 

If you want both the Book and the Guide, just indicate same on the request form.

This article that explains the strategic transition from dividend stocks to an all CEF, much higher income generating investment style 

A book cover with an image of a building and some money.

Start Your Journey to Income Independence

Income Independence is the ability to say, without hesitation: "Neither a stock market correction nor rising interest rates, not even a pandemic, will have a negative impact on my investment income. In fact, any of these conditions will help me to grow both my income and my working capital even faster!"

My coaching services will help you plot a course to income independence, regardless of market conditions, interest rates, inflation, whatever. We do this in a process that involves one or two hour long meetings.